Alone across the Pacific ocean

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 - Alex Bellini

Not fully satisfied with the 2006 crossing of the Atlantic, on February 21, 2008 Alex Bellini sets out to cross the Pacific by rowboat, solo. To reach Australia, from Peru, he will have to pass through ten time zones, cover over seventeen thousand kilometers and row more than fifteen million times. A test of physical endurance, but mostly psychological. An epic adventure in which Bellini was never alone, thanks to the constant support of thousands of people who followed him through the web and radio, but above all thanks to the feeling of total fusion with the sea that surrounded him. A sea that sometimes is not that kind. After having put his thoughts into words, day after day, he now shares with us what all that time at sea meant for him, alone: “It was as if the world of the lands above sea level had suddenly disappeared”. In his ten months of navigation, Alex will realize that the value of a man is not measured by the goals that he achieved, but by the dreams that keep him alive. And this is, in fact, also the love story with his wife Francesca, who from land will never stop encouraging him to continue.