Alone across the Pacific ocean

 - Alex Bellini

Even after crossing the Atlantic ocean on a rowing boat in 2006, Alex Bellini still felt the urge to challenge himself once again. So, on 21st February 2008, he climbed again into his boat to cross the Pacific ocean alone, on a journey from Peru to Australia. He needed to cross 10 time zones, 17,000 km and do more than 5 million row strokes. A physical, and especially mental, challenge. An adventure that is almost legendary, in which Alex was able never to feel completely alone, thanks to the constant support of thousands of people that followed him via the web, the radio, and especially the feeling of complete unity with the surrounding ocean. An ocean than was not always friendly. After writing down his thoughts, day after day, he made us feel what all this time in the sea, alone, meant for him: “it was as though the world of lands above sea level suddenly had disappeared.” Indeed, when time becomes endless we are able to understand what really matters in the life on a man. Alex learned that the value of a man cannot be judged measuring his successes, but with the dreams that keep him alive. In his book he also tells the love story with his wife Francesca, that gave him the necessary courage to go on, from the land, far away from him.