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Mi chiamavano Montanaro

The first Italian rower to cross the Atlantic

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 - Alex Bellini

 Alex Bellini, a guy like many others, with a deep desire to do something different, to give voice, through movement, challenge, adventure, to his own restlessness and his own personality. After having participated in 2001 in the Marathon des Sables and in 2002 and 2004 in the Alaska Ultrasport, an on foot adventure across Alaska, Bellini attempted to cross the Atlantic rowing solo.

After an ill-fated first attempt due to adverse weather conditions and an even more disastrous second attempt ended up in a shipwreck in Formentera Island, on 18 September 2005, Alex set off from Genoa with a new boat heading South. After 226 days of rowing, he reached Fortaleza (Brazil), setting the new record for the longest Atlantic crossing ever made. Currently not available.