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L’Avventura e l’Impresa

Two lucid and visionary men meet and compare

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 - Alex Bellini

 What happens when two great dreamers, two lucid and visionary men, meet and talk to each other for two days about their respective life journeys? In a hot summer in the Triveneto region, in Roncade, Paolo Costa met Alex Bellini and Riccardo Donadon, He asked both of them to talk about some topics they love, those themes that have left a mark in their lives: the meaning of challenge and enterprise, the ability to take risks, the value of

The first – Alex Bellini – defines himself as an”adventurer”: he crossed two oceans on a rowboat, ran across the United States and Alaska and is still not tired.Today he is planning a new adventure that will see him along the coast of Greenland adrift on an iceberg. The other – Riccardo Donadon – is an entrepreneur who made Ca ‘Tron, near Treviso, his small Silicon Valley, with the aim of bringing the Californian culture of digital innovation to Italy. Theirs are not stories of heroes, but the lives of men who have fully believed in their bet, while still managing to keep their heads on straight. Alex and Riccardo tell us that, after all, the adventurer’s and the entrepreneur’s experience is condensed all in an instant: that moment in which you find yourself alone and you have to decide whether to give up or move on.