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Il viaggio più bello

The six knots to untangle to overcome the fear of transformation

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 - Alex Bellini

 “Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always”. The challenges, the difficulties, the problems we have to solve: the most beautiful journey is the one we do within ourselves.This testimony by Alex Bellini – main character of incredible adventures including rowing the Atlantic and the Pacific – represents a useful tool to free our lives. We find ourself in an unprecedented crisis and yet “we live in an interesting era”, we just have to accept the challenge. But how?

According to the author, first of all avoiding being afraid of our own shadow, questioning the models that society imposes on us and those behaviors that we repeat as if we had engaged the autopilot.

I agree, inner exploration does not look like an heroic achievement, however each of Alex Bellini’s exceptional feats was possible thanks to certain skills(he also calls them virtues) that have nothing to do with strength or physical resistance but they are the result of a vertical journey within oneself, softening one’s rigidities, listening to oneself deeply, cultivating mindfulness and not fearing to show one’s vulnerability.

Guided by the intelligence and experience of a great traveler, we can rediscover forgotten skills too and activate them. In a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, no other challenge is more important, no other journey is more beautiful.