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 - Alex Bellini

 Imagine you are a tennis player during a match. In this match you have to face two opponents: one is the player on the other side of the net, the other one is inside your head.
 This online course is a journey into the world of maximum performance to understand the psychological factors that influence your performance and understand how you can get as close as possible to your potential performance. 

The performance optimization model that I will talk about in this online course is called S.F.E.R.A., a model that was born from the intuition of Professor Giuseppe Vercelli who, was constantly searching for procedures that would allow the optimization of performance, and he was convinced that optimal performance was the right combination between five fundamental elements: Synchrony , Strengths,Energy, Rhythm and Activation.
The goal of this video course is to bring you the right familiarity with the S.F.E.R.A. model so that you can use it for your next competitive or non-competitive challenges.