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Alex Bellini is one of the best known and most appreciated Italian keynote speakers with over 500 talks in seventeen European and extra-European countries. What is fascinating about Alex is the ability to make his experience as an explorer concrete and functional to every daily challenge.

He can talk about change, opportunity, risk management, preparation and collaboration.

Each of his speeches is unique and contextualized to the reality and experiences of the audience, but he never fails to convey a very powerful message: every time we believe we have reached the end, we are only doing half of what we can really do.

He conveyed an inspiring, concise and very human message. His talk was one of the most viewed of our ten speakers and it's not difficult to understand why.
Devi Clark, TEDxAylesbury licencee 2015


Alex’s talks have a very dynamic and stimulating style. They are full of personal anecdotes and valuable lessons for personal and professional development.

His story is much more than that of a man performing daring, risky and no-limits activities. It is the story of a man committed to achieving ambitious goals, who, finding himself face to face with the unexpected, chaos and volatility, makes conscious choices and takes responsibility for his actions. Despite the difficulties, he always finds within himself and within his team the necessary resources to deal with the challenge.

In addition to these topics, that are about self-empowerment, Alex can also talk about environmental topics. In fact, combining his experiences as an explorer who has always been close to the natural world with those of an environmental communicator, Alex provides a unique and global vision on the present and future challenges of mankind.

In his speech, Alex underlined the strengths and weaknesses of every human being and he amplified the idea that determination can make any mountain surmountable.
Gianluca Fano, Director Biofutura & Avantgarde

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